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Proven leadership for customer success and satisfaction.

Terry RusseyTerry Russey, President

Terry founded Greentree Systems in 1983 as a pioneer in the use of technology to automate the employment function, including computer-assisted interviewing and skills tracking systems. He has led a talented team of employees focused on enhancing recruiting, employment, and retention to automate hundreds of satisfied customers. Terry continues to lead the company in delivering Greentree's fourth-generation Talent Acquisition and Onboarding systems. Starting his career in computer sales at IBM, Terry held various director-level sales and marketing positions at Tymshare, Inc. After earning a BBA at UT/Austin, he taught Business Statistics for two years at the University of Texas while studying Operations Research in graduate school.

Doug RodgersDoug Rodgers, Director of Marketing

Doug has played key roles in the launch of all of Greentree's products since 1985, and in the growth of Greentree's installed base of satisfied customers. As Director of Marketing, Doug is responsible for product marketing, business development, and marketing communications. Prior to joining Greentree, Doug held marketing management positions at an industry-leading computer services firm and at a Fortune 500 manufacturer. Doug received his BA in Business from the University of Washington and his MS in Management from MIT Sloan.

Mike StrasserMike Strasser, Director of Product Development

The primary technical architect of the iGreentree Employment System, Mike joined Greentree in 1996 as Senior Developer and assumed his current responsibilities as Director in 2001. Prior to joining Greentree Mike worked as an independent software contractor and co-owner of Innovative
Software Engineering. Mike's application and technical experience include employment systems, software tools development, inventory management, time management, library management, international banking, and office automation. Mike attended Chaffee College in Rancho Cucamonga, California, where he studied Business and Management Information Systems.

Kevin FowlerKevin Fowler, Vice President of Customer Service

With more than 20+ years of diversified technology, software and customer support experience, Kevin is responsible for all Customer Service and Hosted Systems Operations within Greentree.  Kevin joined Greentree in 2003 and is committed to building upon Greentree’s legacy of exceptional talent management products and superior customer service to Greentree’s clients.  Kevin brings a unique blend of high-level and hands-on experience to his role. Kevin has held a wide range of leadership positions during his career, including Manager of Professional Services, Sr. Support Manager and Manager of Customer Service for companies including Resumix, Inc., Siemens Business Services and Aurigin Systems, Inc (MicroPatent).